Brexit survey

When I was elected in June 2017 I made absolutely clear that my priority for Brexit was to secure a deal that works for Bury. A deal which protects rights, secures jobs and strengthens not weakens our economy.

Watch my first speech on Brexit in Parliament here

As the EU Withdrawal Bill and associated legislation has made its way through Parliament over the last year, I have spoken out for rights, protections and jobs and I have supported amendments which respect the decision people made whilst acknowledging the need to develop a customs partnership with the EU, secure future access to the single market for British businesses and maintain rights and protections for workers, consumers and our environment at least at current levels.

Watch my speech in the most recent Brexit debate here

I have also voted to ensure that our democratically elected Parliament has a meaningful vote on the final deal negotiated by the Government.

There are still months of negotiations ahead and there will be important votes in Parliament between now and the autumn. I am conducting a detailed survey to gather the views of the people of Bury, Tottington and Ramsbottom on Brexit in order to better inform my work on this issue and how I will vote in future debates.

You can complete my survey here

It should only take about 5 minutes and I will carefully consider your views as the Brexit process moves forward.

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  • commented 2018-06-13 16:56:52 +0100
    Damage limitation against the biggest act of national self-harm in living history. Help press for us to remain in a proper trade partnership with the EU as it’s by far our biggest market for both imports and exports. Do not allow ourselves to be flooded with cheap, inferior imports from (for example) the USA where the stringent food standards we enjoy don’t apply. Keep pushing for progressive workers’ rights, and not join a race to the bottom where businesses can rejoice in tearing up the rule book and erode the rights we have right now. Ensure protection for EU nationals already living in the UK (and for UK expats living in the EU). Don’t allow us to be frogmarched into a hard Brexit by those with vested interests; the ‘will of the people’ is nonsense – 51.89 % is a tiny majority, and means only around 35% of those eligible to vote, actually voted to leave. Brexit must work for ALL the people, not just the foaming-at-the-mouth Brexiteers.
  • commented 2018-06-13 12:32:07 +0100
    We don’t want to be left with the same
    Services after brexit we want new an interelrly new services for kids to engage an get involved we want the comunity that has been lost to drugs an vilolence we want them housed we want services that will help these kids in years to come an we want our children safe knowing no matter what property next they know they will be loved and cared for exactly what bury services arnt doing expecially Lancs uk fusion care ltd bury housing 6 town housing the NHS committees all the private an public health an housing needs to be intergrated back into public hands an even the service providers know that
  • commented 2018-06-13 12:24:37 +0100
    The tories have always tried to control labour by social services an housing services I’m calling on james frith to sack them all an get new services in bury because they discrimate an shout at disabled people an corner disabled in a room with no lawyer to say wait is this legal or not the social security fix james is you sacking the lot of them sorry not sorry if you knew the pain they’ve caused family’s that are completely fine trying to take kids away who want to look after them selfs have thier own property like David packham the national trust bird watcher which has aspeegers has his own property I believe you are more organised an can work with suitable property sizes for people with asperges because the needs are quite lengthy an no one not one person seems to stand up an say our needs arnt being met anywhere
  • commented 2018-06-13 12:18:19 +0100
    The brexzit wasn’t fair I had emails from people I didn’t even know on the day I call upon the government to investigate emails from tories to all emails as due to the Russian involvement an the sirousness on America calling upon to law Britain should do the same an show that these election meddlers should be put behind bars I vote remain an I vote stay for the people thier has never been a better day without laboour no matter prime minister of next election we all know we want the same thing we can’t have opisitation from tories no more it’s disgusting walking out from questions of tories exactly why no one young votes for them cos they walk out of disabled people’s questions pure discrimation
  • commented 2018-06-13 04:24:51 +0100
    I, together with my young adult grandchildren, voted to leave the EU and it’s unelected leaders. I remember the times after the war when we had to live through rationing and all the austerity that went with building the recovery of war. We were resilient and independent as we are today and will be after Brexit. I am not embarrassed to be British, I am also English and proud. I manage a Facebook page “Brexit News Update” which encompasses all political party’s views politely and intelligently and is well-used. My politics are different to yours but you seem to be such a dedicated and good man I will be voting for you at the next election, but hoping this doesn’t let Jeremy Corbin in as PM
  • commented 2018-06-12 22:29:06 +0100
    I voted Remain and support Labour. I now feel torn. I just wish Labour would take a stance against brexit. I think brexit is extremely detrimental to the nation and is only being pursued to line the pockets of right wing media moguls, with no thought towards the rest of the country, and those in the capital who hope to selfishly increase their own personal wealth in the process. I am embarrassed to be British at the moment.
  • commented 2018-06-12 22:28:31 +0100
    Suggest you all listen to this expert in European Law
  • commented 2018-06-12 21:43:21 +0100
    I voted to stay in. This government we have now are a disaster and brexit is going to be disastrous. Only time will tell I’ve never know a government so incompetent.
  • commented 2018-06-12 21:28:38 +0100
    This is a monumental waste of time and money. Ultimately it was about David Cameron’s leadership and the tory party let’s not forget. Arguing that it’s the people’s will gets us nowhere because it was all conducted under false pretences. Most people DONT WANT BREXIT because it’s a very bad idea.
  • commented 2018-06-12 21:04:32 +0100
    It’s sad that we are still dealing with meaningless phrases such as “access to EU markets”. Every country in the world has access to EU markets. What it should say is friction free access to EU markets, which means at a minimum membership of both THE customs union and the single market. This has the benefit of solving the NI border problem, preventing turning Kent into a parking lot and restores our value as a place for inward investment. There is no other solution that the EU can accept without rewriting all the EU treaties.
  • commented 2018-06-12 19:43:29 +0100
    I voted out and think that MPs of all parties should stop the infighting and work together for best deal Europe must think we are a joke we should present a united front and forget party politics for good of country – think you are a good MP but your leader is a joke
  • commented 2018-06-12 18:40:13 +0100
    You’re an intelligent young man James.
    You know what’s best for this country, now and in the future.
    I trust you to do what’s right.👍
  • commented 2018-06-12 16:43:45 +0100
    Hi voted out and u being and Mp democracy must be done out means out
  • commented 2018-06-12 16:26:17 +0100
    It’s about time our politicians, from all parties, honoured the result of the referendum result instead of trying to overturn it through slight of hand and moving the goalposts and misinterpreting what we voted for. Brexit means Brexit and that means we should be leaving the EU, taking back control of our own laws and negotiating our own trade deals, not staying in, in all but name as now seems likely. I will never forgive our politicians if they continue to pursue their own personal agendas over the will of the people.
  • commented 2018-06-12 16:14:57 +0100
    Best deal we can get, no hard brexit.