Residents’ weigh in on MP priorities in first annual survey

The residents of Bury, Tottington and Ramsbottom have weighed in on the issues they care about and helped to set the priorities of their new MP.

2,193 residents completed James Frith’s first annual residents’ survey, highlighting the issues most important to them and giving their views on topics from Brexit to the green belt.

People chose health and social care (83%), crime and anti-social behaviour (56%) and the economy and jobs (44%) as the three issues which are most important to them.

On Brexit, 55% of people stated that they voted Remain and 45% Leave. When asked what people think the most important thing any Brexit deal should include for Bury, over a quarter of people said a good trade deal and creating a stronger economy and one fifth said protecting jobs and businesses. Almost 60% of people believe the public should have a say on the final Brexit deal, while 30% say they should not. James has made jobs, business and the economy his core focus in Parliament throughout the passage of the EU Withdrawal Bill.

85% of people said they have used a walk-in centre and 91% agreed that retaining a walk-in service is important. Bury’s walk-in centres were recently saved from closure following a campaign by James and local Labour councillors.

People are split on whether more houses need to be built in Bury, with 42% saying yes and 37% saying no, but 92% agree that the local council and not central Government should decide if any need to be built and 60% say none should be built on green belt. James has held a series of meetings since the election with GM Mayor Andy Burnham and Bury Council representatives to make the case for prioritising development on brownfield sites and has made representations to Ministers on the issue.

James said:

“I am delighted that more than 2,000 local people took the time to complete my survey and make clear their views on local and national issues. I have already been working hard on many of these topics over the last six months, including Brexit, the walk-in centre and protecting our green belt. And we’re already seeing real results, with the saviour of our walk-in centre and a victory for democracy by ensuring Parliament will have a real say over the final Brexit deal.

“The results of this survey will help to shape my priorities moving forward into 2018. The issues and concerns highlighted by local people will sharpen the focus of my work locally and nationally and the work of my office in representing local people.”

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  • commented 2018-01-30 07:29:22 +0000
    Interesting. When I completed ‘the survey’ how come all I could see was 1 (one) other comment? The person couldn’t log in as I recollect or was that the crime and law type survey’ Ahh well
  • commented 2018-01-29 19:51:34 +0000
    James I appreciate your attention to some major issues within the borough, the parking at Fairfield, the walk in centres etc. As a resident of Walmersley I highlighted the issue of illegal parking at the bottom of Walmersley road, this is a long standing issue which successive councillors, MPs etc seem totally unable to resolve! I have almost had an accident there, car parked facing the wrong way outside Chunky Chicken, decided to pull out as I approached the lights in the inside lane, I beeped my horn and was given a very rude reply from the 4 Asian men in the car. WHY can no one do anything about his issue? I feel it may take an accident or even a fatality before anything is done. I would appreciate a reply with some kind of dialogue which actually indicates that steps are being taken to solve this problem.

    Secondly, as a long time volunteer at my local library, Moorside , and running a knit and natter group there for 6 years, also volunteering as a head cook and bottle washer there for the winter warmer lunch clubs, 2 much needed resources within the deprived Moorside ward! The closure of the library and community centre has had a huge impact on the elderly or isolated of the area, I am utterly disgusted at the loss of this and all the other libraries, especially when we read in the local paper the huge sum to be paid to the new head of council!

    OK that’s my opinion for what it matters, I cant help but feel that no one really takes notice of the people who see the impact of some of the decisions made by the council.

    Best wishes
    Kath Drummond.