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£2.8 billion has been cut from schools in the last two years and 91% of schools are set to lose out further under the Government’s new school funding plans. £6.6 million will be cut from schools across the borough of Bury by 2020.

Schools in Bury, Tottington and Ramsbottom will face real terms cuts of £3.8 million by 2020 under the Government’s new ‘National Funding Formula’ - an average cut of over £300 per pupil.

Schools are already being forced to make very tough choices. Headteachers are telling me they’re going to have to reduce the number of staff and cut resources and extra-curricular activities. We need to send a strong message to the Government that our children’s education must be protected.

See the results of my survey of local schools which shows the damaging impact of cuts on the education of our children

Sign and share my petition to stop the cuts and give our schools the funding they need to provide a world class education to all young people in Bury, Tottington and Ramsbottom.


Find out how much your school could be set to lose and how the figures have been calculated at

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    Clare Langston
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    I run a professional sports coaching company that has provided specialist sports provision since 2005 for around 20 Schools in the Bury area. Despite the continuous pledge of the primary school sports premium, we are losing work left right and centre because of School budget cuts. I’m assuming that even though this sports premium is suppose to be spent on external sport specialists, many schools now seem to using the majority of this money in-house. This is because of cuts in other areas. As a result, 2 of my staff will be made redundant for 2018/19. It’s a massive shame because the impact we’ve had over the last few years in the area of physical education has been huge but because of cuts in other areas, in future, the standard of PE lessons will fall as everything will have to be taught in-house.
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    James school in Bury need more money to help the keep all are student make good progress.
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    Sign the petition: School Cuts
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    Sign the petition: School Cuts
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    I work in a school and the budget cuts are having a huge impact on every aspect of school. An impact that is being felt by all members of the school community, including the children. When everything has been trimmed to make savings, where on earth do you go to save yet more money?
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    Please keep up the pressure and this most worthy campaign James! We need this message to be crystal clear. We are constantly told that more money has been invested however everyone knows that in real terms schools are losing out and getting dangerously close to crisis point. Education should not be a political football and there needs to be cross party efforts to ensure we invest properly in our education system which holds the key to any future success of our young people and the nation as a whole!
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    Ever increasing demands put upon educating our next generation yet resources being removed. I’m no genius but this doesn’t stack up. Let’s think ahead as a society and invest in our future.
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